Amgen is a pioneer in the science of using living cells to make biologic medicines. We helped invent the processes and tools that built the global biotech industry—turning it into a leading source of therapies for patients facing serious illness.

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Amgen was one of the first companies to recognise the potential of modern biotechnology in developing valuable medicines for patients. Today’s biologic medicines have made a significant difference to the lives of those with serious illnesses, including cancer, blood conditions, auto-immune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis, and neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis.

Our world-class scientists continue to lead the field in discovering novel ways to treat serious diseases and, because of their work, some of world’s greatest scientific advances are happening now inside Amgen.

Amgen’s expertise in the complex, precise process of biologics manufacturing and our global network of manufacturing sites deliver fully tested products that meet the highest regulatory standards around the world. We’ve also built a reputation for the reliability of our supply chain, ensuring we deliver safe and effective medicines to every patient, every time. We continue to refine our processes to ensure the safety of our products, reduce cost, increase speed and efficiency, and improve the environmental sustainability of our manufacturing processes.

As biotechnology and data sciences advance at blinding speed in the bio-century, we have a responsibility as leaders in biotechnology to leverage on our unique strengths to help patients around the world live healthier, happier lives. Amgen’s work in human genetics, pathway biology, and molecular engineering represent unique areas of expertise that fuel our integrated drug discovery engine.

Amgen is also building a uniquely diverse digital team and capability that leverages novel data analytics techniques and emerging technology solutions from a variety of industries to go beyond the molecule when delivering medicines to patients. We are committed to innovation and to seizing opportunities arising from rapid advances in science and technology.

In This Section

Australian Commitment to Research and Development

Australian patients have access to Amgen’s medicines through clinical trials, which have been conducted in Australia for 35 years.

Science Research Strategy

Amgen has built an organisation distinguished by world-class scientists with a talent for applying novel approaches to treat disease. Our R&D strategy aims to align and engage our talent, prioritise investments, and seize scientific opportunities.

Science Pipeline

Amgen has created a robust and differentiated pipeline, leveraging state-of-the-art science to create medicines for serious illnesses.

Science Biosimilars

Biosimilars offer the potential to increase patient access to vital medicines. Amgen is well positioned to leverage its experience in biotechnology to create high-quality biosimilars and reliably supply them to patients worldwide.

Among the most important steps in the long and careful process to develop new therapies are clinical trials, where people volunteer to receive an experimental new drug or procedure and be observed for its effects.

Science Manufacturing

At Amgen, we continually invest in our manufacturing to strengthen our industry-leading capabilities and extend our global reach. Our commitment is to ensure that all our medicines are available for "every patient, every time."